"We all have questions but most ignore them, only tormented souls seek answers and do whatever is necessary to appease their thirst for knowledge. I accept my responsability in this crusade and all the consequences that come with it, until the very last one"

Are you looking

for answers?


What awaits you on the other side?

AFTER LIFE is a profound story-driven Graphic Novel that will hook you from the beginning to the end thanks to its convincing narrative, complex characters and intense visuals.

AFTER LIFE is all about paranormal activity, myths, religion, crimes and conspiracy.

If you read FROM HELL by Alan Moore, SIN CITY by Frank Miller or SANDMAN by Neil Gaiman then you will definitely like AFTER LIFE.

With AFTER LIFE you will be swept away and immersed in a fascinating philosophical thriller in search of answers.

* Some images and texts might suffer modifications


Like its plot, the artwork will leave no one indiferent. The combination of thick and thin strokes and the use of light and textures will inmerse you into AFTER LIFE's plot.

Dark and tenebrous

Plot and characters


The action is set in Galicia (Spain) and tells the story of Kharon, Abaddon, Maria and Gabriel, four characters with a dramatic past linked to the paranormal world. When their lives collide their fates will reach an unnexpected end.


Kharon, a man who has seen the Evil in all its shapes, emerges from the shadows in search for answers.


His dramatic past led to him starting a crusade in search of God. His connection to the church and unorthodox methodology in achieving his goal make him a tremendous threat to the Holy See. Will he complete his crusade?


Abaddon is a soldier of GOD, member of the Order of the Abaddons and works for the Holy See. His next mission: Kharon.


He is a fervent believer and will not allow anyone to threaten centuries of loyal servive to GOD.

Will he fulfill his mission?


María is a journalist and researcher of the world of the Paranormal who had her first contact with the other side when she was just a girl.


She is in a personal struggle between science and faith.

On what side will this battle win?


He looks at this world with the innocent eyes of a 10-year-old boy but with the knowledge of who has seen the other side.


Gabriel keeps a secret, a secret about the existence of the Univese.

Will he keep the secret forever?



6 chapters



5 chapters



5 chapters


The AFTER LIFE script has been written in its entirety and consists of 16 chapters of 32 pages each, divided into 3 parts which narrate a complete story.

Where can I find AFTER LIFE?

AFTER LIFE will be digital first.


Digital platforms allow me to publish worldwide in one click! AFTER LIFE has been designed to be enjoyed either on digital devices or tradicional printed comic books. Each one offers a slightly diferent experience but both 100% fulfilling.


I would love to publish AFTER LIFE on paper; all the graphic material has been produced with print quality. If you are reading these lines, you are a publisher and you are interested in knowing more about AFTER LIFE or if you already consider that AFTER LIFE could be an interesting bet, just write me and let´s talk :)

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© All the artworks are copyright of Miguel Angel Lozano Aleman and are not to

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